Monday, May 18, 2015

Six Pack O' Questions with Blacklist Brewing

This is going to be a regular feature of the Beer'd Baron and Blacklist Brewing is the lucky first brewery to get featured. I've not had the chance to sample many of their beers but they are one of my favorite small breweries based on the little bit I have had.

I emailed with Brian Schanzenbach one of the BIG WIGS at Blacklist Brewery and asked him a SIX PACK O' QUESTIONS

1. What is your favorite beer not brewed by you?

My favorite beer not brewed by me is almost impossible to decide on just one…but most memorable might be the first Ayinger Hefeweizen I had at a little restaurant outside of Munich.

2. Where did your brewery get their name?

We based our name Blacklist from the stories of sour beer producers being blacklisted from even entering other breweries from fear that they might contaminate the breweries with “wild yeast” and bacteria. Although we have not released many “sour” beers into the public we plan to go that direction in the future. I’m sure you know “sour” beers properly made take a long time. 

3. What is the worst beer you've ever brewed?

The worst beer I have ever brewed. Haha one time back in my home brewer days I made a beer for a Lord of The Rings marathon party. It was a beer with star anise, lemon peel substituting hops. Lets just say I have good friends because we still drank it. 

4. What are three yearly events you do not miss?

Three yearly events I do not miss…
1. Schanzenblast ( This year will be year 13. Its a party of close friends that                           involves beer, camping, campfire, and a little more beer. )
2. Oktoberfest in some form and location…. I can’t resist slapping on some                       lederhosen!
3. My birthday. I seem to keep getting older so I know I don’t miss it.

5. What is the best beer you've had in the last month?

Sierra Nevada Kellerweis! Sometimes the simple things well done get me the most excited!

6. Weather is sunny and you're hanging with friends - What's in the keg?

It doesn’t matter whats in the keg if its sunny and I’m hanging with my friends but probably something refreshing like a good pils or hefe.

Some great answers from a great brewer. I've only had the privilege of drinking a couple of their beers and they were both excellent. I intend on definitely trying as many as I can. If you see Blacklist Brewing beers in your local beer store, you better snatch one up and enjoy it. 

 Keep an eye out for the next 6 Pack O' Questions with another brewer. If you have a suggestion for a brewer you'd like me to try and get ahold of, leave it in the comments.

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