Saturday, May 9, 2015

Is this Heaven? No, it's a three year aged Yeti from Great Divide

I've never been made sad by a beer before...there is a first time for everything.

I didn't want to open it at first. It had been aging for three years and was sent to me by a good man and and and I just felt like it might be wrong of me to open it. Who am I to expose this fine brew to the air? I am but a mere mortal.
Alas, I opened it. I knew I was always going to and as the opener pried off the cap, I felt like I was destroying something beautiful. I was greeted with a most wonderful smell, chocolate, malt, caramel...wonderment.

I poured it into a glass...

Not a lot of head but a deep and rich brown, almost black filled the glass. The pour was astounding...the bottle filled the glass right to the brim. It was slightly over the edge but thanks to liquid's many unusual properties, I did not spill a drop. The first sip put a smile on my face. The chocolate and malt came through strong, a slight alcohol taste which was wonderful, but no burn at all. This is so incredibly smooth, it's like drinking Billy Dee Williams. That's it...this is the Billy Dee Williams of beer. I know he shilled Colt .45 but this beer is Billy Dee Williams in beer form. Dark, chocolate, smooth...ummm...has a head. ALL THINGS BILLY DEE WILLIAMS IS!

I'm never going to taste this beer again and that thought makes me sad. However, I will celebrate it while it exists and savor it..make it last. If by some odd circumstance you see yourself with an opportunity to drink this beer, make sure you do.

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