Sunday, May 10, 2015

Avery Brewing Maharaja Imperial IPA

Avery Brewing Co. is another brewer I completely new too but if this is an indication of their quality, then you can say that I'm a fan. To be fair, I'm a fan of IPA and this is a IMPERIAL IPA or an IIPA. I I CAPTAIN! 102 IBU? Yes please. I would like all of the IBU's to dance on my taste buds. 10.2 on the Drinkenscale? WHOA!  But it's just so drinkable! I wouldn't have guessed this was a 10,2 and I'm still having a hard time believing it. Are you lying to me AVERY BREWING COMPANY? Is your label a farce?!?!?

I love me an IPA, all of the bitterness and the citrus and the smell..nothing smells better than a good IPA and this is a good smelling IPA.

If it has a flaw it's that it really is another IPA but to me,..that's not really a flaw. The Maharaja doesn't really bring anything new to IPAs but I don't care because it does what it does so well.

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