Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Oskar Blues Death By Coconut

It took me awhile to find this beer. It eluded me. I was worried that I was never going to find it, then one day, while at the beer store, I found a lone can sitting on a shelf marked for $3. Not cheap, but not super pricy either. I had to have it though. I'd been longing for it ever since I first heard they were making it. Coconut is one of my go to flavors with anything, and the idea of a good stout blended with coconut sounded like heaven in my mouth...and I was pretty close to being right.

It poured a nice brown, with a lot of effervescence. I could have easily fooled someone into thinking it was root beer based on the appearance. The smell was stout-y (NEW WORD) with a hint of coconuttiness (ANOTHER NEW WORD).

Oskar Blues has never made a beer that I don't like. Old Chub on nitro is quite possibly the finest beer ever canned. Death by Coconut is an excellent just wasn't COCONUTTY enough for me. I wanted more coconut. It's not called, Injured by's called DEATH BY COCONUT. I expected to be blasted in the face with coconut flavor and that didn't happen. Now, there was a lot of coconut, don't get me wrong. Most people will probably drink this and think, "man...that's a good amount of coconuttiness" and they would be right. I just wanted MORE. I WANTED CHUNKS OF COCONUT FLOATING IN MY BEER! Ok...maybe not that much. Still, this is the best coconut beer I've had. If you like beer, you like stouts, and you like coconuts then you really should be drinking this right now. I don't care if you're delivering a baby! Do it while drinking a beer! It calms the nerves!