Saturday, September 12, 2015

What's The Only Thing Better Than One Woman?

Two Women...

M Looking for F for FFM

Oh New've never failed me and this is no exception. German Pilsner so really subtle in flavor but damn delicious. Clocks in at a 5.0 on the Drinkenscale, a really light, easy, drinkable beer. 

The name of this beer is because it is a collaboration of two breweries led by women: New Glarus and Weyermann Malting. Never had anything else by Weyermann but New Glarus is 100% class and always amazing.

This is a perfect beer for a good day drinking session. I've said it before on here but pilsners are not easy to do because you can't just load up on the flavor to hide the flaws. A good pilsner has to be damn near perfect and Two Women is right up there.