Sunday, May 10, 2015

Strange Brew Breakfast Grapefruit IPA

This beer surprised me. I don't like grapefruit. In fact, I think it's just awful. That being said, I have enjoyed a grapefruit radler in the past, most notably the Schell Shocked from August Schell Brewing This is an IPA made with grapefruit and when I poured it, I could smell the grapefruit and I got nervous. The radler works because the grapefruit doesn't really stand out. This IPA is the works because the grapefruit takes center stage. Give me a glass of grapefruit juice and I'll punch you right in the mouth. But for some reason, when you mix that flavor with beer, I suddenly like it. This grapefruit IPA comes from Strange Brewing Company out of Denver, CO. It's the first beer I've ever had from them and it puts up a strong showing. There is citrus coming out of the wazoo with this beer and I love it. The grapefruit works quite well. I think I would like this more with a different citrus fruit but I like this as is. 7.0 on the drinkenscale and pretty light so it's an easy drinker though the 65 IBU, which I think is enhanced a little by the grapefruit, might turn off some drinkers. If you get nervous about a beer over 50 IBU this might still be a good beer for you because some of the bitterness is coming from the grapefruit and it's not the same as a high IBU IPA. I will definitely drink this again given the opportunity.

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