Sunday, November 1, 2015

Fruitin' It Up With Stevens Point

Bought a 12 pack mixer of fruit beers from Stevens Point a while back and figured I should write them up on here...since that's what I do.

 Mango Lager

 Tart Cherry Lager

Watermelon Mojito

Lime Lager

Part of the reason why it has taken me so long to write about these is because their really isn't a whole lot to say. All of them weigh in pretty light on the Drinkenscale with a 4.2 and none of them are exceptional.

If I'm picking a favorite here it was the Mango Lager but only slightly. It had a mango flavor(I would hope it did...) and the beer itself was ok. 

The beer on all four of these was the same with just different fruit tastes so the differences in them were the fruit flavors themselves. Give me this lager without the fruit and I'll tell you it is ok. With the fruit it was at least somewhat interesting.

The Watermelon Mojito was my least favorite but again, it's a small margin from first to last here. I just don't really like the flavor of mojitos and that is what I tasted instead of watermelon.

Cherry tart had a slight cherry flavor, but after drinking far, far, far superior cherry beers in the past I just can't give this beer a good review.

I forgot to take a picture of the Lime Lager which kind of fits with the beer because it was pretty forgettable. Better than Bud Light Lime (I assume because I've never had Bud Light Lime...I'm not a sadist) but still...just a boring lager with a lime-ish flavor.

You can do worse that these beers, but you can also do a lot better. If you're drinking with some friends who don't really like beer, and might like a fruity drink a little more, this MIGHT work but probably not. Because it is still pretty beer-y and not particularly fruity, I'm not sure who would really LOVE any of these beers. I guess the FRUIT BEER AFICIANADO maybe...I don't think those exist though.

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